CSEC Information Technology Guide

Our content is specifically tailored to help students prepare for the CXC CSEC I.T. exam. We cover the entire CXC Information Technology Syllabus and provide additional information that is useful in the work environment and everyday interactions with technology.

Lessons & Quizzes

At IT for CXC, we aim to:

  • Provide a fun learning experience.
  • Encourage you to learn at your own pace.
  • Test your knowledge of study material.
  • Use visual aids to illustrate challenging concepts. 
  • Prepare you to confidently pass the CSEC IT examination. 


Computer Fundamentals

Information Processing. Hardware and software fundamentals.

Computer Networks

Basic networking and Web Technology concepts.

Social & Economic Impact of IT

Computer Security and Data Misuse.

Word Processing & Webpage Design

The development of computer documents and web pages.

Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)

Develop skills to use spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel.

Databases (Access)

Develop skills to design a database.

Program Design

Develop skills and competence to effectively troubleshoot computer problems.

Program Implementation

Translate algorithm into high-level program.

Become an expert

Test you knowledge and enhance your memory with our fun Information Technology quizzes.